The Universal Terran Church

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Want to learn about Uniterran Paganism?
The UTC is a interfaithed-based, Neo-Pagan Church that seeks to strengthen and reinforce each persons path by encouraging diversity, acceptance, respect, and tolerance among all creatures.

UTC is composed of open-minded, spiritual and magickal people from any and all religious backgrounds. It is our goal to commit to live within a manner that honors all life and strives never intentionally bring any manner of harm to another life. We feel coaxed and coerced by nature itself to learn and teach about the preservation of, and reverence for the pristine Planet known as Earth, or more properly known as Terra, as well as the creatures and plant life that live thereon.

Want to officially join UTC? Doesn't matter where in the world you live, you can join. Just go to It's free ! There are no dues or obligations to pay tithes. We have over 70 members from all over the United States. Join with us and help us grow. :) RSS Feed what is XML?

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